Secure Asset Transport

Providing secure transport solutions for our Illinois clients in the cannabis industry. Reliability, security, and capability are our main focus. Rest assured, our team will make sure that your product arrives safely and securely at its destination in a timely manner.

At any given moment, you can be the victim of a vehicle accident, robbery, or carjacking. Any one of these events can leave you, your money, or your products entirely vulnerable to outside threats. Protect your assets with Full Armor Logistics.

Your trusted partner for fully insured & secure marijuana transportation

Ensuring the safe transportation of your financials and products.

About Us

With a wide variety of services, Full Armor Logistics creates confidence for our clients, ensuring your success

Cash Transport

Secure cash vault with armed security to make cash deposits with ease

Track & Trace

Track your shipment in real-time, monitoring with GPS tracking and live video feeds in each vehicle

Highly Trained Employees

Our transport employees have former law enforcement and military training, highly equipped to ensure safe transport

Our Employees

Each of our team member has extensive experience in law enforcement, military background, or SWAT training.

We train and perform extensive background checks on all employees to ensure the safe transport of your financials and products at all times.

Our team will optimize and scout out routes to learn every aspect of the transport path, in case of any emergencies.

Why Full Armor?

Many aspects of our transport make us a superior choice in the industry.

Multiple Vehicles

Inconspicuous vehicles to allow for flawless transportation

Vehicle Tracking

GPS locators on all vehicles and employees

Trained Employees

Former military / law enforcement employees

Live Recording

Safety Vision mobile video on both interior and exterior of all transport vehicles

Cost Effective

Ensure the safety of your product without killing your profit

Temperature Control

All vehicles come equipped with temperature control in case of heat sensitive product

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